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Step out of China. Shineray X30 makes its debut in Egyptian market!

Step out of China. Shineray X30 makes its debut in Egyptian market!

Time : 2023-04-06 Hits : 123

    2023 makes the 10th anniversary ofChina's Belt and Road Initiative, and the international market in the field of BRI is developing well. Shineray Group, as a well-known Chinese automobile company, shares the same goal and purpose with Middle East countries in seeking economic cooperation and promoting industrial chain bond.

    The automobile market in the Middle East is growing rapidly, with Egypt being one of the faster growing countries in this realm. Located at the intersection of Asia, Africa and Europe, Egypt has a large market of more than 100 million population. As people's living standards continue to improve, the demand for commercial vehicles, passenger cars and motorcycles is also increasing day by day.


    In March 2023, Shineray X30 was introduced into Egypt, which gained the support and assistance of the Egyptian side. Besides, after witnessing Shineray X30, the Egyptian partner even held special new car exhibition, where more than a hundred people including China and Egypt group leaders and media representatives attended.


    Egypt is a typical country of tropical desert climate, which requires higher heat resistance and power performance of automobile products. In response to the climate and terrain of Egypt, Shineray Group has optimized and upgraded X30 exported to Egypt in order to meet the market demand.


    Shineray X30 is equipped with 1.5L fuel engine from DLCG14, which features light weight, strong power and fuel saving. Its characteristic of "high torque in low speed" has good adaptability to the unique climate and terrain in Egypt, and is able to cope with various working conditions such as starting, speeding up and carrying cargo. Even when it is heavily loaded, X30 still runs fast without difficulty. Considering the climate in Egypt, Shineray X30 has optimized and improved the air conditioning cooling system to fully meet the product demand in Egypt.


    Shineray X30 has won the favor of Egyptian friends at the exhibition with its fashionable appearance, fuel economy, rich devices and equipment, and other advantages. The big size of 4200mm*1680mm*1930mm creates a spacious cargo space, and the combination of beauty and strength in the body design adds more sense of fashion to this car.


    The greater significance of this visit to Egypt is that Shineray Group sees the opportunities and adjustments on the path of overseas expansion, which is also the epitome of the struggle of Chinese brands represented by Shineray in the complex and changing global market.