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2022 weekend style unveiled in Beijing International Trade

2022 weekend style unveiled in Beijing International Trade

Time : 2022-03-18 Hits : 289

From March 2 to 4, the Beijing International Trade mall tide culture exhibition is in full swing. Both locomotive culture and tide culture are based on popular culture and street culture. Its core is a kind of "flowing art". Her complex and diverse "shapes" are designed and built jointly by artists, designers, brands and countless riders. This collective Art Carnival and creation easily captured a group of people who pursue independent personality expression Young people with novel lifestyles have become their fans.


In this trendy culture exhibition, you can see beautiful personalized jewelry, treasured souvenirs, interesting hand toys and all kinds of rare babies everywhere, which makes people happy. In addition, Xinyuan motorcycle with distinctive personality in the locomotive circle, fashionable and clever Youke yoyo and weekend style 400, which can be called all-round playmates, also attracted the attention of fashionable men and women at the scene.



As an entry-level entertainment model, Youke yoyo's unique personalized appearance and convenient design of refueling and walking have won the favor of more new locomotive enthusiasts. In addition, it is superior to the power configuration at the same level. Even the old locomotive gun can be fun to play.




Weekend style is a leisure and entertainment side tricycle with the theme of fashionable all-round playmates. The compact model design and round appearance have distinct product characteristics in the side tricycle model. In addition, the riding and trunk storage space of the whole vehicle are also abundant. The original rack can also meet the subsequent installation needs, which is very suitable for the users of multi demand scenes.



On the basis of continuing the advantages of the old model, the 2022 weekend windmill focuses on the adjustment and innovation of the chassis system and the whole vehicle damping system, which has made earth shaking changes in the control of the new model. Once the driving problem of the side three wheel model is changed, it is really easy to control and control at will. At the same time, the color of the appearance has been re matched, and the coating process of the engine and frame has been upgraded to make the car more beautiful and fashionable, but also more durable.



At present, the 2022 weekend style has arrived in dealers and stores across the country, and the final price will be announced on March 4. For more product details, please consult the local authorized dealer of Xinyuan motorcycle or search "Xinyuan motorcycle" on JD app.