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SHINERAY minitruck T3, maximum load:1.5 tons, standard ABS, reinforced rear axle, 1.5L power

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1、> 30% bearing capacity: reinforced lifting lugs, LT heavy-duty DELINTE import wheels, maximum load:1.5 tons
2、Complete configuration: reinforced independent front suspension, comfortable and wide driving space, EPS, electric window/central locking
3、Safety body design: independent cargo container/standard gantry frame, reinforced anti-collision beam, reversing camera, reversing radar, standard ABS
4、NVH: optimal control at the same level, MPV NVH, accurate and stable steering, smooth and quick shift to effectively reduce vehicle noise and abnormal sound, achieving noise reduction effect
5、Standard ABS: standard ABS, effective distribution of braking force; prevent the locking or side slipping, improve the stability of the load driving.

Vehicle Configuration

Configuration 配置General(2 Seats) 2座低配Deluxe(2 Seats) 2座高配General(5 Seats) 5座低配Deluxe(5 Seats) 5座高配
Main specification 整车参数
Drive 驾驶方向□LHD 左舵 □RHD 右舵□LHD 左舵 □RHD 右舵□LHD 左舵 □RHD 右舵□LHD 左舵 □RHD 右舵
Dimension 车身尺寸[mm]5115×1730×20205115×1730×20205425×1730×20405425×1730×2040
Wheelbase 轴距[mm]3250325032503250
Seat 座位数2255
Rear Body Type 货箱类型□Cargo Deck 栏板 □Cargo Van 厢式□Cargo Deck 栏板 □Cargo Van 厢式□Cargo Deck 栏板 □Cargo Van 厢式□Cargo Deck 栏板 □Cargo Van 厢式
Cargo dimension 货厢尺寸[mm]3050×1645×3703050×1645×3702510×1645×3702510×1645×370
Curb/Gross Weight 整备/总质量[kg]1190/26851190/26851280/24801280/2480
Tyre 轮胎规格175R14LT 8PR175R14LT 8PR175R14LT 8PR175R14LT 8PR
Engine 动力系统
Model 发动机型号SWJ16SWJ16SWJ16SWJ16
Emission standard 排放标准EU VI 欧六EU VI 欧六EU VI 欧六欧六
Displacement 排量[ml]1597159715971597
Power 额定功率[kw]91919191
Fuel Capacity 油箱容积[L]50505050
Chasis 底盘系统
Front Suspension 前悬架类型Macpherson 麦弗逊Macpherson 麦弗逊Macpherson 麦弗逊Macpherson 麦弗逊
Rear Suspension后悬架类型Leaf Spring 钢板弹簧Leaf Spring 钢板弹簧Leaf Spring 钢板弹簧Leaf Spring 钢板弹簧
Brake 制动类型Front Discs and Rear Drum 前盘后鼓Front Discs and Rear Drum 前盘后鼓Front Discs and Rear Drum 前盘后鼓Front Discs and Rear Drum 前盘后鼓
Rear Axle Ratio 后桥速比□3.9 □4.8□3.9 □4.8□3.9 □4.8□3.9 □4.8
Hub Material 轮毂材质Steel 钢Steel 钢Steel 钢Steel 钢
Safety & Security 安全配置
Front Dual Airbags 双安全气囊
Front Foglight 前雾灯--
Function 功能配置
Leather Seat 皮质座椅
A/C 空调
Disply Audio 中控大屏--
Radio 收音机--
Power Window 电动车窗--
RKE 遥控钥匙--

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